Méthode v.2021 has arrived

3 bottles of wine with colourful labels.



Welcome to the second vintage of our highly sought after and innovative Méthode range: Méthode Eucalypt, Méthode Cab Nouveau and Méthode Skinny.

After the inaugural vintage sold out earlier this year, we have been working hard to bring you the new limited release 2021 vintage .

Last year, the Méthode range was a novel, unexpected arrival on Australia’s wine scene. Celebrating Luke Tocaciu’s fresh approach and adventurous spirit combined with multi-generational winemaking expertise, it pushed boundaries in winemaking and brought new winemaking ideas to curious wine drinkers.

The new range created major buzz, including being described as "uniquely Australian wine" (ANZ Boutique Wine Show), “delightfully different” (Max Crus) and "dangerously delicious" (Q Wine Review).

Gif of someone pouring a bottle of red wine into a glass against an olive background.

"Something is in the water at Patrick of Coonawarra. … Conventional styles have been tipped on their head. This cranks the dial high in the exploration stakes." (Q Wine Review)

If you were lucky enough to taste the first release of the Méthode range, we can tell you that v.2021 Méthode wines are similar in style, but slightly different - and we think they’re even better.


Winemaker Luke Tocaciu says, “My dad (Patrick Tocaciu) did a lot of experimentation with wines, but I think the biggest thing that's changed is that there are no rules with winemaking anymore. In the past, winemakers would have created a small batch and thought "Oh that's pretty interesting", but just blended the wine into a larger, more conventional batch.

Méthode was an opportunity to get behind some of those experiments and offer our customers a small, interesting batch that we have created. It’s something different, but we’re inviting our customers to try it out and see what it tastes like.

A lot of the new willingness to try different styles has been born out of an explosion in small producers within the industry. Wine lovers are slowly moving away from only enjoying traditional styles to embracing new experiments.

We bring a creative, adventurous mindset along with two generations of winemaking expertise. So, whenever we release these new trials, customers know it’s going to be fantastic wine whether or not it’s to their taste.”



Bottle of red wine with green label.


Méthode Eucalypt is a creative expression of Cabernet Sauvignon, grown in the Marks vineyard in Coonawarra. The wine explores the impact of Red Gum (Eucalyptus Camaldulensis) tree proximity to vineyards and their influence on Cabernet Sauvignon aroma and flavour.

"Balanced minty and Eucalyptus aromas and flavours add to its complexity, creating a uniquely Australian wine. It is a wine that expresses terroir in the true sense of the word." (ANZ Boutique Wine Show)

Méthode Eucalypt is all about taking something that has traditionally been seen as a fault in wine - gum leaves inadvertently falling into the fruit harvest - and celebrates it as something authentically Australian. It showcases the beautiful Heritage-listed red gums growing in Patrick vineyards, and brings a spirit of curiosity and creativity to our winemaking process.

Luke says, “When we launched Méthode Eucalypt last year, I really had no idea what people would think. I knew it would create a bit of interest and ruffle some feathers in the industry, as people in the industry usually work very hard to get rid of that eucalypt character, but I didn't know how it would be received from a taste perspective.

In cellar door, everyone who tried it really loved it. They loved the story and the romance of picking the fruit around the gum trees, and how that influenced the wine and brought in a subtle Australian flavour.

I wasn’t expecting Méthode Eucalypt to be the most popular wine out of the Méthode range. I actually thought I shouldn’t make too much because people might think it’s a bit weirdBut in the end, people found it really interesting. The industry ( including wine critics and wine media ) were hugely supportive and really embraced this challenge of eucalypt character. It was an amazing result. "

"Compelling conversation around this wine. Yes, eucalyptus is distinct, almost resinous to taste, but cabernet fruit and tannin are up to task. Peppermint, plum, tense sheath of tannin, pepper, dark chocolate jostle with that gum leaf seasoning. Texture is superb. Not a curio, a fantastic expression." (The Wine Front)


Bottle of red wine with a pink label.


Méthode Cab Nouveau — a fruity, silky smooth, early release Cabernet Sauvignon, produced using a novel tannin refinement process. Méthode Cab Nouveau was the leading inspiration for the whole range, inspired by Beaujolais Nouveau and it's early release of the Gamay variety.

Part of the growing trend of light summer reds, Cab Nouveau can be drunk slightly chilled in warmer months.

Luke says, "I took a risk to try something new with Cabernet (Sauvignon) when we released Méthode Edition 01. We've now had feedback from the trade, journalists, and from the wine community, that Méthode is forward-thinking and exciting, and it’s shaking things up. This style is not something many other winemakers are doing with Cabernet, particularly not in Coonawarra."

Méthode Cab Nouveau is all about flipping our pre-conceived ideas of Cabernet upside down, thinking laterally, and creating wine outside of our comfort zone. It is also a statement of our business culture and symbolic of the new world of Patrick.

"The innovation shown from Coonawarra producers in recent years demands attention. Winemaker Luke Tocaciu is stretching the interpretations of a couple of varieties, and damn, this is a dangerously delicious Cabernet drink." (Q Wine Review)



Méthode Skinny Riesling is an experiment in taking the traditional crisp, fresh style of Riesling and give it body and texture. It is complex, textural with an earthy element, backbones with a fine acid line and crisp finish.

Luke says, "Méthode Skinny is a bit of a quiet achiever - it’s one that people had to taste before they fell in love with it. Even my mum said that Méthode Skinny was her favourite out of the range.

Méthode Skinny is more like a Chardonnay than Riesling, with a bit more texture and a bit of oak.

I really like it as well, and I think it's even better with a bit of age in the bottle. You could probably cellar it for a year or so and it would be really interesting.

The ‘on skins’ segment of the wine industry is currently very trendy but there's also a lot of small batch wines that don't quite live up to the hype. Méthode Skinny is about making an 'on skins' wine that still tastes like Riesling but is more interesting - as well as being easy to drink.

Méthode Skinny v.2021 is similar to v.2020, but subtly different. It had more skin contact this year to try and dial up the texture, with a bit more obvious oak and a sort of nutty character that comes from skin contact. It'll develop even better over next 3-4 months.

I like the 2021 better than the 2020, being a bit more left of field. It could be anything from a Pinot Gris through to a Chardonnay, so it’s a Riesling that is quite diverse in style."

"Smells like white vermouth, clove, lemony citrus fruit and blossom. Texture shows some grip, flavours of lime, lemon myrtle, ginger, almost like a herbal tea or tonic. Spicy, herbal, long and very refreshing. The wine presents a bit like a grippy riesling (vermouth!) with savouriness. It’s delicious." (The Wine Front — in ref. to v2020)



Be the first to get your hands on Méthode v.2021 and let us know what you think of the new vintage. The new range is available to purchase on our website and will start to appear in select retailers over the coming weeks.