New Vintage Releases: Single Site & Two-Blocks


The release of a new vintage is like reading a new chapter in the story of our vineyards. It’s a distinct flavour that’s a combination of weather, soil and the hands that shaped the process that year. Every year brings something new, and each vintage continues to evolve the story of our vineyards. 

Early 2023 has seen the release of 5 new wines across 4 vintages in the Single Site and Two Blocks ranges. To celebrate the culmination of hard work and nature, the new release wines are now available to our VIP members at an exclusive price.


Single Site Tasting Notes

Two Blocks Tasting Notes



Winemaker Luke knows first hand what it’s like to be shaped by the seasons. After tending the Home Block from an early age and evolving his craft amongst the growing vines, Luke tells us more about the nuances of each vintage and the flavours each season left on the wines.


[Q]: 5 wines are being released, across 4 vintages! Any similarities/differences across the vintages that are reflected in the wines?
[A]: “The 4 vintages are all very different, but can be split into warm or cool vintage categories. 2015 and 2017 were both cooler years and the Shiraz in particular is a lot more delicate and spice driven, compared to a warmer year. The Riesling from 2015 has a great acid backbone which helps the wine age and remain fresh. The warmer years of 2018 and 2019 were both great for Cabernet, they concentrate the flavour and provide a great base of fruit flavour for me to build on with tannin and oak. This overall produces an intense wine that has a lot of complexity and will age really well.”
[Q]: What are the notable winemaking differences between Single Site and Two Blocks?
[A]: “Single Sites express the vineyard in which it’s grown, the Shiraz from the south facing slope of our Joanna vineyard is concentrated and powerful. The Home Block is a 60 year old vineyard that doesn’t produce a lot of fruit, but what it does is exceptional.  The major differences in winemaking come from the use of oak and time in oak. The Single Site reds usually spend an extra 6-12 months in oak and have a higher percentage of new oak. This helps the wines age and produces a unique style for which they get their high quality reputation.”
[Q]: What is the cellaring potential for each of the wines?
2015 Aged Riesling – 10 + years. The toastyness and complexity increases with time, the older the better from my point of view. 2017 Joanna – 8-10 years – being a more delicate style, it won't age for as long as other vintages but the oak will certainly soften over time and keep it fresh. 2018 Home Block – 20 years. Cabernet is king in Coonawarra and this will live for a long time. The tannins will soften and develop into something more savoury and complex over time. 2019 Two Blocks Cabernet – 5-10 years. Made in a more approachable style, this wine is best drunk younger while the fruit is still dominant and bold 2017 Two Blocks Shiraz – Now-5 years. This wine has already been cellared enough to soften the tannins and maintain the fruit profile. This will still develop over time but it's best to enjoy now.

[Q]: Do you have any stories or anecdotes you can share about the making of any of these wines?
“The Home Block is one that’s close to my heart. I spent a lot of time in the vineyard growing up, earning pocket money pruning, picking and getting to know the vineyard well. 2018 was a great year and this is a wine I am proud to make. The 2017 vintage was challenging at the time, with a lot of rain in the lead up to harvest. But, surprisingly the wines turned out really well and I love to be able to showcase the different seasons with this more savoury cool climate style.”

[Q]: Do you have a favourite? Or is that like choosing a favourite child?
“It's always hard to choose a favourite. Different wines for different occasions. A nice seafood platter deserves an Aged Riesling, a hearty steak and Home Block is always a good pairing and Shiraz with anything lamb.”


A VIP is someone connected to the Patrick of Coonawarra brand. Someone who enjoys exclusive wine offers, who follows the story of our wines through the twists and turns of each vintage. There is no contract, simply a chance to know us and the wines we create. To be a part of the story yourself.