Méthode Skinny Riesling — REVIEWS

" It's Delicious "

Well, well, well, it’s not all about cabernet in Coonawarra after all, says I back to the senior wine man from Coonawarra that assured me that cabernet is the future of the region, a few years ago. Here’s Patrick’s riesling skin fermented, or portions are, in drastically amazing packaging, albeit retailers will whinge about stacking, but go with it, don’t discourage!  Smells like white vermouth, clove, lemony citrus fruit and blossom. Texture shows some grip, flavours of lime, lemon myrtle, ginger, almost like a herbal tea or tonic. Spicy, herbal, long and very refreshing. The skin contact textural elements are quite mild, the wine presenting a bit like a grippy riesling (vermouth!) with savouriness. It’s delicious.

91 PTS


" A Very Nice Wine "

Every day I pull out a range of wines, get them up to the right temperature, pour them, let them breathe … only to then find that you’ve (Mike Bennie) reviewed them already. This is a very nice wine, textural and interesting but more than anything, refreshing. 91 looks right to me.Lemon myrtle is a great call in the above note. Absolutely spot on.

91 PTS


" Delightfully Different "

This breaks from tradition without breaking from drinkability. Delightfully different, almost a modern mulled wine. Amazingly fragrantly and flagrantly spicy.

94 PTS


" Something is in the water at Patrick of Coonawarra "

In recent times we've seen new branding, a host of new wines, and like this, conventional styles have been tipped on their head. Respect to winemaker Luke Tocaciu for shaking things up a bit. Check this out though - funky town Riesling. So textural and layered, this cranks the dial high in the exploration stakes. This presents nothing like a Riesling that you would know. It's not lemons and limes with pretty scents and talc-like feels. Oh no. It's all yellow flowers, honeyed tones, gentle creaminess and a little cheesy factor. Add preserved lemons and a slash of citrusy tang with a cleansing acidity and you have a wine that is a bit out there. A wine for pondering that will be sure to mesmerize and challenge all at the same time. Drink to three years.

91 PTS


" Love the concept and the wine is delicious "

Pretty damn impressive packaging of this Riesling from Patrick's new Méthode range. It smells like Riesling but there seems to be a fair bit more going on. Delightful and refreshing. Love the concept and the wine is delicious. Great to see Coonawarra doing interesting gear.