The Age-ability of Coonawarra Wines: A Journey Through Time with Patrick of Coonawarra

When it comes to the world of wine, few experiences rival the pleasure of savouring an aged bottle. At Patrick of Coonawarra, we take great pride in crafting wines that are not only delicious upon release but also improve with age. Our commitment to quality and tradition shines brightest in our Cabernet Sauvignon. This varietal is renowned for its exceptional ageing potential, especially if it hails from the Coonawarra, with its deep, red soils and maritime climate.

Why Aged Wines?
People enjoy aged wines for various reasons. As wines mature, their flavours evolve and develop complexity, offering a rich and multi-layered tasting experience. Aged wines often display softer tannins, more integrated acidity, and an array of secondary and tertiary flavours like leather, tobacco, and dried fruit. For many, opening an aged bottle is akin to uncorking a piece of history, a moment in time preserved in a glass.

Crafting Wines That Stand the Test of Time

At Patrick of Coonawarra, we are dedicated to the concept of delayed release. Our Grande Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is only released after spending at least seven years in the bottle. This allows the tannins to soften and the flavours to deepen, ensuring that each bottle is ready to be enjoyed immediately or laid down for further ageing. Along with our commitment to pre-ageing our top tier Cabernet wine, our Single Vineyard Collection and Two Blocks Wines capture our signature duality of style perfectly with the best of both worlds. All of these wines can be enjoyed now or well into the future.


A Story of Evolution and Heritage
Aged wines also narrate the story of our brand's evolution. Patrick of Coonawarra has always been a blend of innovation and heritage. Our labels and wine styles reflect this duality, honouring traditional methods while embracing modern techniques. This balance allows us to create wines that are both timeless and contemporary, mirroring our journey from the founding days of the winery to the present. You can see the evolution of our brand and style through the years when enjoying our aged wines.

The family legacy of Patrick of Coonawarra plays a significant role in this story. Founded by Patrick, the winery is now run by his sons, Luke and Matt. This generational transition is a testament to our commitment to preserving the heritage while looking forward to the future. Each bottle of aged wine from Patrick of Coonawarra is a reflection of this legacy, embodying the values and passion that have driven our family business from its inception.

So, whether you're a seasoned collector or a wine enthusiast looking to expand your horizons, Patrick of Coonawarra offers a gateway to the fascinating world of aged wines. Join us in celebrating the timeless allure of wines that truly get better with age.