Two-Blocks: The Best of Both Worlds

Two Blocks, the best of both worlds? We certainly think so! The Two Blocks range by Patrick of Coonawarra offers our customers a selection of wines that are eminently drinkable. Made in a modern style, bursting with brightness and flavour. So why two blocks? Well, the answer is in the fruit.

Selecting fruit from two blocks means we have the flexibility to choose flavours that perfectly complement each other. Flavours and acid structures that combine harmoniously to make an even better whole. It also means that we have the flexibility to go where the season takes us. The Two Blocks wines represent the best of both worlds, made in an approachable style that will reward drinkers now, but also in the future. This means we can create a consistent style year in, year out. While our Single Site wines are designed to wholly express the unique parcel of land they come from, the Two Blocks wines are intent on representing their unique style.

It’s in the Label

So where are the two blocks? Well, it depends on the wine, but fruit for this range is always sourced from a combination of either our Coonawarra and Wrattonbully vineyards. In fact, it's reflected in the Two Blocks labels. The story of how two blocks become one wine. There are three wines in the Two Block range. Riesling, Shiraz and Cabernet. Each with a unique blueprint on each label as to how they came to be.



The Riesling is sourced from two separate parcels of fruit. One in Coonawarra and one in Wrattonbully, as demonstrated by the intersecting shapes on the label. Each represents a different region. Coonawarra is a whole 1 degree cooler overall than Wrattonbully, building layers of structure and crisp acidity in the Riesling grapes. While its slightly warmer counterpart, Wrattonbully, rounds out the blend with perfumed florals and more luscious mouthfeel.


The Shiraz is sourced entirely from Wrattonbully fruit, but, you guessed it, two separate blocks. One is north facing, the other south. Two blocks that roll over a hill with an intersecting headland wedge, as seen on the label. The warm, north facing block develops intensely ripe, mouth watering flavours and big juicy bunches. The south facing slope is where the power is built, in smaller bunches and lower crop loads that drive the structure of the wine.


The Cabernet is from Coonawarra. Two blocks within the same vineyard, each with remarkably different soil. One sits atop a rich, dark clay that spurs bigger bunches and larger grapes. This is the part responsible for the heady black fruit aromas of plum and blackcurrant, the juicy taste. The other block sits atop the famed ‘terra rossa’ soils. A shallow but rich red earth that sits over a porous limestone base. The fruit here is smaller, more intense, and the thick skins hold the key to balancing this wine with silky tannins and length. The label shows where the two blocks and soil types connect.

Award Winning Wines 20% Off

Patrick of Coonawarra was recently awarded as part of the Real Review’s Top Wineries of Australia 2023. Recognition we are very proud of. It's a nod to all the wines we make, and the team who makes them. The Two Blocks range is a part of that. It’s so dependable, it consistently receives accolades and gold awards across wine shows year in year out. Our customers know it will be a good drop, regardless of vintage! These wines are made to share. They are always best when in the company of great friends and delicious food. But like the Two Blocks, these wines give you the best of both worlds. You can drink and enjoy them now, or keep a hold of them for the years to come. The Two Blocks range is on sale now for a limited time.



Cabernet 6 pack $150

Shiraz 6 pack $150

Riesling 6 pack $120

Mixed 6 pack $140