Father's Day Ideas.

Is Dad or Grandad a wine lover? Here are some ideas for you. All 4 are amazing gifts in their own right, each quite unique. If you want to have a more detailed chat about Dad's preferences, to create a more personalised gift, don't hesitate to get in touch via (08) 8737 3687 or email us at

vip@patrickofcoonawarra.com . Happy to help.  

97 points and "Best of the Best" in the Cabernet category in Halliday's 2020 Awards. Best rows, from the best vintages, from our Home Block Vineyard. Your Dad will LOVE this wine, 100% guarantee. Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, pre-cellared for a minimum of 7 yrs prior to release. Our Grande Reserve is only released in exceptional vintages. 

1 bottle of each of our Single Vineyard wines; Home Block Cabernet 2015, Joanna Shiraz 2016 and Aged Riesling 2014.  This range is pre-cellared for 5+ years prior to release. Exceptional wines, which will leave most premium wine lovers wanting more. All three are dry wines, produced in small volumes and only released in vintages that we deem to meet a certain quality.

One of each from our newest range, Méthode; a homage to creativity and scientific experimentation. Our love for Cabernet Sauvignon and Riesling led us to create small batch trials that pushed our winemaking out of our comfort zone and moved beyond our preconceived ideas of what these varieties could do. 



Two of each from our newest range, Méthode. Tiny batch, minimal intervention, natural yeast, unfined and unfiltered, handlabelled and handwaxed, individually numbered bottles.