Patrick of Coonawarra's New Look.

A poem of duality. Part science, part art, guided by principles, not rules.

A few weeks ago, through the unveiling of our latest addition, Méthode Range, we announced the rebrand of Patrick of Coonawarra. Expanding our 17-year-old business established by Patrick Tocaciu, and sparking creativity in modern-day experience seekers, the Méthode Range is designed to challenge wine tradition with its modern interpretation of the classic Cabernet Sauvignon and Riesling varieties.

The direction for the new branding evolved from a concept of duality. Two sides to our coin, old and new, respecting the past, but looking to the future. Through a redesigned logo and packaging with new colour, form and typography, we are telling a tale of personality, place and time, continuously evolving as new ideas and customers come into play.

Despite the huge global set-backs of the last year, it's an incredibly exciting time for our industry, and other industries worldwide. Everything is much faster, new ideas are being unleashed, boundaries are being pushed and our customers, new and old, are forever inspiring us.

In a nod to our foundations, the rebrand also focuses on two important underlying layers: the business and the people, reflecting two glorious generations of winemaking. Quality and consistency have always been our motivating forces, we strive for quality not volume. The new look has been designed to convey our commitment to a long-term journey, where the duality of our two personalities, Patrick and Luke, is sleekly represented.  

"We are thrilled to launch a refreshed Patrick of Coonawarra brand identity; while a big change, proudly represents and showcases our core values and beliefs. After Dad passed away I became the head of the business and winemaker, which was daunting. With huge shoes to fill, winemaking was a learning curve, but running the business was the greatest challenge of all. I quickly saw the need to get the right people in the right places to get me through. My team was a big part of the journey to get here and launch the rebrand - I am incredibly proud of what has been achieved and I know Dad would be too.” — Luke Tocaciu, Winemaker and Managing Director. 


"Watching my late father work so hard to become one of South Australia’s most respected winemakers was definitely part of my inspiration behind the new branding. He always proved that taking risks was paramount and is a value we held close when designing the updated look. His fearless approach whereby no problem was insurmountable is something I hope to deliver in this next phase of transformation at Patrick of Coonawarra.” — Luke Tocaciu.

The rebrand will continue to roll out across the entire Patrick of Coonawarra range, we’ll be releasing new labels for our Grande Reserve and P-Series by Patrick in the coming months. Create an account and you'll be the first to know when we have new releases.