2021 Méthode Skinny Riesling



Méthode Skinny is textured, crisp and medium-bodied, with pear, orange and brioche flavours. It demonstrates a fresh expression of Riesling through skin contact fermentation, showcasing a new side to Coonawarra and Riesling. Méthode Skinny is complex and interesting, with more texture, complexity and earthiness from its time in oak and lees contact. Almost like a French Chenin Blanc.

Traditional Riesling is quickly pressed off skins to prevent tannin being extracted, keeping it fresh and fruit driven. For Méthode Skinny, the addition of whole berries to the ferment increased the skin contact with the juice, allowing greater extraction of tannin. The resultant wine has texture and complexity, whilst the crisp acidity reminds you of the varietal character of Riesling. 

Made to enjoy with food and not too cold, slightly below room temperature.

Winemaker Luke Tocaciu says,

“Méthode Skinny is a bit of a quiet achiever - it’s one that people had to taste before they fell in love with it. The ‘on skins’ segment of the wine industry is having a growth spurt at the moment. Méthode Skinny is about playing with quirk and complexity, all the while ensuring quality, ease of drinking and Riesling's underlying natural expression.” 

In reference to Edition 01, Q Wine offers this lovely review:

“This presents nothing like a Riesling that you would know. It's not lemons and limes with pretty scents and talc-like feels. Oh no. It's all yellow flowers, honeyed tones, gentle creaminess and a little cheesy factor. Add preserved lemons and a slash of citrusy tang with a cleansing acidity and you have a wine that is a bit out there. A wine for pondering that will be sure to mesmerize and challenge all at the same time.”


Luke says, "Méthode Skinny v.2021 is similar to v.2020, but subtly different. It had more skin contact this year to try and dial up the texture. It also got a bit more lees contact and stirring when it was in oak - I did that monthly. So I think it looks more Chardonnay-like, with a bit more texture to it, more obvious oak and that sort of nutty character that you get from skin contact.

I really liked the 2020 Riesling with a bit of bottle age and complexity (three or four months). I think 2021 will also get better and better over the next 3-4 months. You could probably cellar it for a year or more, I have a feeling it will be quite interesting the more it ages.

2021 is a bit more left field, going from a semi-skin contact Riesling (Ed.01) to more complex and interesting (Ed.02). Even my mom says that Méthode Skinny is her favourite out of the range!"



Luke explains; "It’s almost hard to pick the variety of Méthode Skinny if you didn't have the acidity in the wine. It’s not obviously Riesling, as it doesn't have the hallmark citrus or floral notes. It has more secondary characters, more oak complexity and more earthiness.

If you were to taste it in a blind tasting, there'd be a lot of people who would struggle to pick the variety. It could be anything from a Pinot Gris through to a Chardonnay.

It reminds me more of a French Chenin Blanc. So it's not Chardonnay, but it's got some texture to it, and you can't pick exactly what it is.

If someone’s buying Méthode Skinny because they like Riesling, I think they'll be surprised that it is Riesling, but they will still love it, it's just a little more quirky. Méthode Skinny will also appeal to customers who drink Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Vermouth, Orange Wines, Pet Nat.

I love how this wine showcases Riesling in a different light. I love Riesling and I love it's versatility."

“Respect to winemaker Luke Tocaciu for shaking things up a bit. Check this out - funky town Riesling. So textural and layered, this cranks the dial high in the exploration stakes." (Q Wine)


A trial to take the traditional crisp, fresh style of Riesling and give it body and texture. The grapes were harvested and pressed, with 20% volume of whole berries added back to the juice. Fermented on skins, then transferred to old oak puncheons for 8 months. The resultant wine is complex, textural with an earthy element, backbones with a fine acid line and crisp finish.

2021 was an overall standout vintage. Near perfect ripening condition and cool, mild weather kept the natural acidity of the wines fresh. Harvest decisions were precisely made and optimal balance of ripeness and fruit flavour was achieved.

Traditional Riesling is quickly pressed off skins to prevent tannin being extracted, keeping it fresh and fruit driven. In this trial the addition of whole berries in to the ferment was to increase the skin contact with the juice. As the majority of tannin is found in the grape skin, the skin contact allows greater extraction of tannin. The resultant wine has texture and complexity whilst the acidity reminds you of the varietal character of Riesling. By keeping the wine in old oak and on yeast lees, it further enhances the creamy vanilla notes and body of the wine.

The palate is full and luscious with the balance coming from the crisp acid finish. Made to enjoy with food and drink slightly below room temperature.



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